Professional website development
at the «Bitrix» platform

neat sites that are easy and pleasant to work

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We - a team of professionals providing services to create maintenance of websites and corporate companies online stores on a «Bitrix» platform.

Our values and ideals:

  • Focus on results. The site - a means to achieve certain goals, means and methods of implementation are determined by experts in the field. You have to understand it and fully trust the site development professionals. Your wishes should not contradict the objectives.
  • Work with responsible customers. For us the important polite and responsible customers able to appreciate the hard work in the field of web development, and showing great interest to the project.
  • Neatness and order. These qualities are writing code, the organization of interaction of external and internal structure of the site.
  • A clear statement of objectives. Tasks are performed only after a full agreement in writing, then strictly regulated online tracker of tasks where you watch the daily process.
Experience of many years

More than 7 years of specialized work with platform «Bitrix». Confidence in the quality of services performed:

  • Many successful web projects
  • Trusted by customers
  • Passed certification

Site Control Panel «Bitrix»

As a web project management platform «Bitrix» is used in the development of sites, which gives the ability to easily manage their own website, has friendly interface, is equipped with a built-in filter and proactive Web Antivirus includes a part of the most demanded ready functionality. Adaptive interface fixes editor preferences and saves time when content is adjusted.

Management of the structure
The visual editor, the publication of news, articles, directories, permissions, and more.
Built-in filter and proactive Web antivirus which reliably protect the site from various threats.
Data caching technology composite site, resistance to high loads and other features will significantly improve the speed and quality of the site.
The platform allows you to create any online store and manage electronic channels of sales of goods and services. The platform employs more than 25,000 online stores.